Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of powerful algorithms with the purpose of creating systems that emulate the same capabilities that a human being possesses. This branch of technology has been used for some years in everyday services, such as customer service chatbots present on various digital channels.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

According to experts in computer science, there are different types of artificial intelligence algorithms, which can be classified into:

Systems that think like humans

They automate activities like decision making, problem solving, and learning. An example is artificial neural networks.

Systems that act like humans

These are computers that perform tasks similar to how people do. This is the case of robots.

Systems that think rationally

They try to emulate the rational logical thinking of humans, that is, they investigate how to ensure that machines can perceive, reason and act accordingly. Expert systems are included in this group.

Systems that act rationally

Ideally, they are those who try to rationally imitate human behavior, such as intelligent agents.

Examples of AI applications

  • Facial recognition
  • Self-care bots
  • Text predictions
  • Recommendations algorithms

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