DevOps (CI/CD)

What is DevOps?

It is the methodology that facilitates communication, collaboration and integration between development teams and teams in charge of the IT infrastructure in the same organization. This set of tools and good practices was born to satisfy the need to deliver software products and services quickly, while preserving quality, but at a lower cost. Today it is especially relevant due to the speed required to publish new versions of software, in a highly demanding and competitive technological market.

Continous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration is a practice that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of development teams, by periodically combining all changes made to the code in a central repository, where Quality Assurance policies will be executed -QA- and errors will be fixed as soon as possible.

To complement Continuous Integration, another practice that is commonly used is Continuous Delivery -Continuous Delivery in English- and whose main role is to automate the deployment of all system advances in a test environment identical to the one we will use in production, without the need for human intervention.

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