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What is a user interface (UI)

A user interface is the visual or graphical representation of the system, built with the purpose of guiding the user in how to interact with the application. In other words, a user interface is what the user sees when navigating the different functionalities of the software. This includes colors, shapes, texts, images, among other graphic resources. Interface design is the technological specialty that takes care that each view of the interface has a visually attractive and understandable appearance by the user.

What is user experience (UX)

The user experience -User Experience in English- is basically the set of sensations that a software generates in its users while they use it. For example, when software is difficult to use, this generates feelings of frustration, anger, etc., which translate into a bad experience. This factor can be decisive when the user must choose between your software or that of the competition.

The design of user experiences is the technological specialty that ensures that the sensations that the system transmits to its users are positive and pleasant at all times. To achieve this, factors such as the visual appeal and complexity of the interface, information architecture, meeting points -touching points- of the user with the process, and how to maximize the well-being of the user in each of them must be taken into account.

Benefits of UI / UX Design

It is good practice to combine both disciplines when developing software, especially when the application we are building will be used by clients. Some of the benefits we get from using this combination are:

Generate high value to users

Understanding behavior and empathizing with your audience allows you to create processes that better suit their needs.

Improve user retention

When you like something, you want to do it again. Analogously, when an application seems attractive and easy to use, our willingness to use it again increases significantly.

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